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Are you ready to discover the true potential of your voice and captivate others with your words? Meet Maarja, a voice coach and professional actor with a genuine passion for helping individuals express themselves authentically. With Maarja’s unique blend of expertise from both the stage and the studio, you can tap into your natural talents and find your own distinct voice.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor looking to refine your skills or a speaker aiming to captivate any audience, Maarja will guide you on an exciting journey of vocal mastery. Get ready to step into the spotlight and unlock the true power of your voice, with the support of a coach who understands the transformative magic of performance.
Courses are designed for individuals who have a desire to:
  • unlock their potential as speakers in public, expanding their capabilities and confidence.
  • discover and cultivate their unique and magnetic self-expression.
  • communicate authentically, confidently, and with precision.
  • tap into and develop the full potential of their voice, allowing it to expand and charm the listener.

To the stage

Short and intensive personal course for specific presentation preparation.

Solo debut

Unlock your true potential and unleash your self-expression with this personalized course. Elevate your communication skills and command attention. Discover the power within you.

Make an entrance

10-week course for a small group designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a safe and supportive environment.

King's speech

A three-month personal course aimed at creating lasting changes in your vocal skills and self-expression.

About me

I am an actor and voice and speech coach. I delved deeper into the possibilities of utilizing and honing the human voice when I encountered obstacles related to my own voice during my journey as a professional actor. Specifically, due to feedback I received in my early years on stage, I held the belief that my voice was too weak and soft. In my quest to improve the audibility of my voice, I dedicated years to studying and exploring the realm of voice alongside my acting career, eventually earning a doctoral degree in the field. What initially appeared as a brief path to self-improvement transformed into a long and exhilarating journey that continues to this day. Discovering and expressing my OWN VOICE while embracing my authentic self has been a demanding, yet an enlightening process. Alongside my studies, I have been sharing my expertise in voice, speech, and communication for nearly a decade. I can confidently state that there are often multiple reasons why a speaker may not be heard, and it is rarely solely a matter of volume.


I have imparted voice and speech technique to aspiring actors at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Department of Performing Arts, as well as to aspiring singers at the MUBA. I have collaborated with coaches, entrepreneurs, radio hosts, educators, writers, and professionals from diverse fields, guiding them in discovering their OWN authentic voice.


I graduated from the Theatre Department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2008. From 2008 to 2013, I worked as an actor at Vanemuine Theatre. In 2014, I chose to pursue a freelance career and moved to Tallinn. You can find a list of my roles in theatre, film, and television series HERE.

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